Our complete range of patented fencing repair products

Wire Connectors

The straightforward solution for repairing torn wires up to 3 mm in diameter. Play video

Wire Connector

Litzclip Wire Connector

Wire T-Connector

Litzclip T-Connector

Wire Cross Connector

Litzclip Cross Connector

Wire Connector Litzclip®

  • ideal for connecting 2 wire ends of up to approx. 3 mm in diameter
  • special key-shaped opening to easily insert and secure wire
  • plastic sealing caps for pressing and locking the wire to the metal plate. This ensures maximum conductivity
  • sealing caps are made from PA plastic with UV stabiliser. Extremely long-lasting and impact-resistant.

Rope Connectors

for 5 or 6 mm diameter ropes. Play video

Rope Connector

Litzclip Rope Connector

Rope Connector Litzclip®

  • ideal for connecting 2 rope ends of up to 6 mm in diameter
  • the quick solution tool for repairing a torn fence rope
  • special key-shaped punched opening for the easy introduction and secure fixing of the rope

Safety Link for 6 mm diameter ropes

Litzclip Safety Link

Safety Link – The ideal protection for your horse in panic situations!

This newly developed ‘ROPE breaking point’ is made from UV-stabilised plastic which opens in panic situations. This reduces injuries from tangling in the rope and/or when breaking through fences. Thanks to the replacement safety buttons, the rope ends are easy to reconnect with the two stainless steel connecting plates.

Tape Connectors

for 12.5, 20 and 40 mm tapes. Play video

Tape Connector Litzclip®

  • easy connection of 2 tape ends
  • the quick solution for repairing torn fence tapes
  • special narrow, punched rectangular openings for the easy introduction and securing of the tape

12.5 mm Tape Connector

Litzclip Tape Connector 12.5mm

20 mm Tape Connector

Litzclip Tape Connector 20mm

40 mm Tape Connector

Litzclip Tape Connector 40mm

Torque Connectors and Gate Hooks

for 6 mm diameter ropes and 20 or 40 mm tapes.

Torque Connector for Rope

Litzclip Torque Connector for Rope

Torque Connector for Tapes

Litzclip Torque Connector for Tape

Gate Handle Clips for 12.5, 20 and 40 mm tapes

Litzclip Gate Hooks

Gate Handle Connector

The new tool-free gate handle connectors expand our patented Litzclip® range. The stainless steel connectors ensure secure and fast fixing of fencing and the durable plastic closure caps provide optimum electrical contact to the connection plate. The connectors are self-explanatory in function and are quick and easy to install on any gate handle or gate isolator. Tapes can therefore be easily re-tightened.