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Welcome to Litzclip®, a revolution in fence repair.

Have you ever had problems with torn flex or livestock fences?  As a sheep farmer, I was all too familiar with this problem. That’s why I invented Litzclip®. Litzclip® is the simplest way to repair your fence. We have developed products for you that will enable you to repair flex and livestock fences simply, quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Our products are based on practical experience and therefore need no tools for installation. It goes without saying that Litzclip® can carry an electrical current.

-Alexander Beichert, founder and inventor

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How it works

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With Litzclip®, you can easily and comfortably connect ropes as well as tapes and wires.

Katrin Maerten
Katrin MaertenPferde im Visier

Every livestock farmer should always have a few Litzclip®s in their pockets!


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