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As a live stock owner, you usually have your hands full. This includes connecting conductor material when building or expanding an electric fence and regularly repairing torn areas in the electric fence or willow net. As a sheep farmer, that has often cost me a lot of nerves – connecting two or more wires, ropes or tapes is always a lot of fiddling.

That’s why I invented Litzclips. Litzclips are electric fence connectors for all possible conductor materials, which can be attached without tools easily, quickly and guaranteed to be conductive. Litzclips are now used on a wide variety of pasture fences around the world. I hope that they (soon) simplify your life too.

Your Alexander Beichert

Our electric fence connectors

Here you can see an overview of our patented Litzclip electric fence connectors. Click on a picture for more information.

Wire Connector

Wire T-Connector

Wire Cross-Connector

Rope Connector


Vertical Struts Connector
NEW 2021

Vertical Struts T-Connector
NEW 2021

Vertical Struts Cross-Connector
NEW 2021

Tape Connector 12.5mm

Tape Connector 20mm

Tape Connector 40mm

Guidebook Troubleshooting

Electric Fence Guidebook

Torque Connector for Rope

Torque Connector for Tapes

Gate Handle Clips for 12.5, 20 and 40mm tapes

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