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Litzclip wire connectors for your pasture fence

Do you need to connect two wire ends or a torn wire? Then use our Litzclip connectors. This enables you to establish a secure connection between the wires in no time at all – without any tools or a “third hand”. In this way, you can ensure that electricity flows through the entire fence. And you can easily tension or re-tension your electric fence.
You can repair torn willow nets quickly and safely with the T and cross connectors. They can be attached anywhere in sheep nets, poultry nets, wild defense nets, wolf nets, etc. You get all connectors together in a practical repair kit. The wire connectors can also be combined with our new vertical struts connectors. Now you can really repair all types of willow nets with Litzclip.
You can also use our wire connectors on gate handles or use them to connect several wire loops. Litzclip – The perfect electric fence connectors for an optimal pasture fence.

Litzclip Wire Connector

Wire Connector

Litzclip Wireconnector T for willow net

Wire T-Connector

Litzclip Wire Connector cross for willow net

Wire Cross Connector

Litzclip Wire Connector with Vertical Struts Connector

Wire Connector with Vertical Struts Connector

It's that simple: connecting wire in 3 steps

  1. Open plastic caps
    The plastic caps made of polyamide with UV stabilizer are extremely durable and impact-resistant.
  2. Insert ends into the Litzclip
    Special, keyhole-shaped openings make it easy to insert the wire and fix wires of approx. 3mm diameter securely.
  3. Close plastic caps – done.
    The sealing caps press the wire against the stainless steel plate and thus ensure optimum conductivity.

Advantages of Litzclip wire connectors

no tools required

conducts electricity

high-quality plastic

quickly connected

made in Germany


holds securely

stainless steel

Where to buy Litzclip electric fence connectors

As a livestock owner or farmer, please get our Litzlicp connectors in specialized trade shops or online.
As a retailer, please contact our exclusive distributer Kerbl.

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