The Electric Fence for Wild Animal Deterrence: Fox and Badger

Fuchs blickt in Kamera

Not only deer, boar and wolf cause considerable damage to farmers. Also smaller wild animals can be equally destructive to fields and livestock. In particular, foxes and badgers match their bigger wildlife neighbors in this respect. Due to the broad nutritional spectrum of both species, both poultry farms as well as wheat and corn fields should be protected. Electric fence systems, which we will introduce to you in the following, are suitable for this challenge.

The Fox Deterrence Fence

Especially in the spring, foxes have an increased need for food to feed their offspring. Their favorite prey – as often easily accessible and available in large quantities – is poultry. Aviaries or grid fences alone are usually not sufficient to protect the birds. Therefore, an additional electric fence around the entire aviary is highly recommended for an effective defense against the fox.

The aviary should be completely surrounded by a net with a maximum mesh size of 5 cm. In addition to a minimum height of 2 meters, protection against excavation by fox or badge is advisable. Fix the net on the ground lying about 15 cm outwards. A climbing protection at the upper end is recommended as well. Build the electric fence at a very narrow distance of 15-20 cm around the aviary, so that the fox can not stay between the electric fence and the aviary. For a functional deterrence fence, stick to the following tips:

Use a powerful 12V or 230V fence energizer with a fence voltage of 4,000 to 5,000 volts and an impulse energy of more than 1 joules to about 5 joules. Fasten the electric fence at the corner points close to the aviary at stable wooden posts and every 7-8 meters in between at plastic posts. At 10 and 20 cm distance from the ground, attach two white-blue electrified fence wires. Pay attention to an optimal grounding!

If you keep utility poultry behind a metal mesh, you can also install the electric fence around the metal fence as described above.


The Badger Deterrence Fence

The  just described fox deterrence fence for aviaries also protects the poultry against the badger. But since the badger also causes damage to field crops, an electric fence around corn and crop fields is also recommended. An effective deterrence is ensured by the following points:

Again, use stable wooden fence posts with insulators for the corners and plastic fence posts for the rest of the fence line. Attach two white-blue willow fence strandwires at a distance of 10 and 20 cm from the ground. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee absolute protection against an excavating badger. As with the other deterrence fences, use a powerful 12 V fence energizer with a fence voltage of 4,000 to 5,000 volts and an impulse energy of over 1 joules up to about 5 joules.


Despite all precautions, it is necessary to check the fence and its tension daily, get rid of vegetation along the fence line and check the tension of the battery.