4 Wonderful apps for the modern livestock farmer

Hände halten Smartphone vor Rapsfeld

As the saying goes, “There’s an App for that.” Apps are everywhere. With over 2 million apps available for both Android and iPhone, it is hard to find an industry that is not being pushed forward through the use of mobile technology. Livestock owners are not left out in the cold, and more and more apps for livestock farmers are being created constantly. Below, we chose 4 interesting apps that can help the daily life of the modern livestock farmer.

1. Trimble Ag Mobile

Our number one App has to be Trimble Ag Mobile. It may seem unfair, because Trimble has created a number of easy to use, intuitive apps, but it is just so darn handy! Although the app is aimed more toward crop farmers, there are a number of features that make this app great for livestock farmers as well.

  • Multi-language – Before we move on, let’s just celebrate the fact that the app is available in a number of languages, including English and German
  • Mapping – With up-to-date satellite imagery, you can draw and calculate fence boundaries or paddocks directly on your phone or ipad. No more guess-work

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  • Feed bin capacity – Track and monitor how much feed you have available in all of your feedbins
  • In-App Weather – There is a handy weather calculator built into the app so you won’t need to open a new app to check weather conditions

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2. GGI App

German Genetics International GmbH has released their own app for viewing their vast “Bull Portfolio.” GGI is the marketing arm of the seven leading German cattle breeding organizations, and as they state on their website “When it comes to cattle breeding, Germany is #1 in the world.”

  • Quickly and intuitively view, “favorite”, filter, and sort bulls that you find interesting
  • Share your “favorited” bulls with friends via Twitter and Facebook

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3. Firestone Tyre Pressure App

There are a multitude of tire pressure apps out there, however Firestone has created one specifically dealing with agriculture tires. Now you can calculate the best tire pressure for your tractor as you lay out bails of hay for your livestock, or are moving around other large pieces of machinery.

  • The app takes tire, tractor load and speed into account to give you the optimal tire pressure
  • Insures safest tire pressure for specific instances
  • Increase tire life with correct pressure

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 15.53.57.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-08 at 15.54.07.png

The one drawback to the app is that is only lists Firestone tires in its database. However, one could do a quick Google search to approximate which Firestone tire is most like the ones being used.

4. Farming With Apps

You may have done a search for “farming” in the Google Play store or App Store. What you get back is a lot of games… not so helpful. That doesn’t mean there are not great and helpful apps out there, as we have already proven! That is why our last “app” is not really an app at all, but a website dedicated to collecting and offering information on any app that is farm related.

farmingwithapps.com offers a “one stop shop” for farming apps. Select the topic you are interested in and the site will deliver all the relevant apps. You can then get information on the ones that are interesting and then click the link to download the app.

New apps are being created everyday, and as technology continues to move forward at lightning speeds, more and more options will be available to the modern farmer. The trick will be to make sure the app is working for you, not the other way around. Don’t just download and use apps to be doing it, make sure the app is actually helping your life in some way.