Considering an AGM Battery? Advantages Abound!


Advances in battery technology have lead to better products in countless areas of business, including electric fencing. These advances have also lead to an incredible amount of choice in how one can power and charge their fencing systems. Today we’ll look at the AGM battery and discuss the advantages of this device.

State of the Art: What is AGM?

AGM is short for “Absorbed Glass Mat.” To put it simply, these batteries are built differently than a traditional wet, gel or flooded battery. We won’t go too deep into the construction other than to explain a few of the advantages the AGM has over other lead-acid batteries.

Immediately installable and maintenance-free

Perhaps the most attractive advantage of AGM is that you can put them to use right away. Other than recharging, AGM batteries do not need the added care of topping off liquids like flooded cell batteries. This leads to saved time for both installation and maintenance.

Outflow- and tilt-proof construction

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 07.41.48.png

The sealed construction of AGM batteries means they are leak proof. This makes them a safer choice (no more electrolyte burns), but also means they are tilt-resistant and can be installed in any position. And, in the future when you are done with your AGM battery, it can easily be disposed of because there are no dangerous chemicals to spill (provided that the unit is not damaged in any way).

Deep discharge resistant — Long shelf life

AGM batteries are deep discharge resistant, which means they can hold a charge longer and can remain charged for 6-8 months without use because they have an extremely low self-discharge rate! They also retain sufficient capacity to be able to operate a pasture fence, even in the event of a long standstill. This makes them a great choice for someone who will not need to use the battery daily… or even monthly.

Insensitivity to cold

A further advantage is hat it provides a good capacity at cold temperatures, which is not necessarily the case with normal lead-acid batteries.

Performance and durability

AGM batteries are also more cyclic than lead-acid batteries. If they are properly taken care of this can lead to 16 % more charge cycles. Put simply, they often have a longer life expectancy.

Option as Solar Battery

The advantages mentioned so far also contribute to the AGM battery being ideally suited as a service and solar battery. No charge controller is required for solar support up to 25W.

No dangerous goods

If the housing of the battery has not been damaged, it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner after discharge, since no battery acid can leak.

Remember, no battery is 100% maintenance free. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. That means proper discharge and recharge steps should be taken each and ever time they are used. When in doubt, read the manual. When you think you know the answer, read the manual anyway.

*Warning. We must state that AGM batteries should NEVER be opened. The design and construction of these batteries requires them to remain sealed. For this reason, the guarantee claim expires upon opening.