Video: Connect electric fence conductive material in 30 seconds

Litzclip Weidezaun Bandverbinder

When setting the tension of new conductor material or when constructing or converting pasture fences, the conductor material must be connected to the fence posts in some way or another.

Fence connectors made of stainless steel into which the conductor material is clamped by means of screws are widely used for this purpose. Of course this works, but you always need a screwdriver on hand and it takes precious time to tighten the screws. This action is then repeated every time you need to re-tension the line: Open the screw(s), retension, and tighten the screw(s) again. With fence connectors from Litzclip®, however, you do not need any tools and Litzclips® are installed within 30 seconds. No joke!

Connect the conductor material with Litzclip®

Litzclips® are available as a wire strand connector, rope connector and tape connector. They consist of a small, stamped stainless steel plate into which the conductor material is inserted and two plastic caps with which the two ends are fixed. This keeps you safe and guarantees, above all, the current continuity, as the conductor material is held tightly against the stainless steel by the pressure of the plastic caps. You can see just how easy and fast it is in the following videos.

Instructions for connecting a Litzclip® to wire strand and rope


Instructions for connecting a Litzclip® to tape


Connect the conductor material to a fence post with Litzclip®

You can also attach the beginning or end of the conductor material to the fence post with a Litzclip®. Simply install a gate grip insulator to the fence to hook on the Litzclip®. Snip one side of the Litzclip® cable connector with sheers or a wire cutter. For tapes, there is a corresponding gate handle connector. Here are a couple examples:

litzclip wire connector

Litzclip tape connector

For easier access and tensioning, you can actually build a gate handle between the connector and isolator so you can easily re-tension your fence.

Litzclip tape connector with gate handle

Of course, Litzclip® fence connectors are also excellent for repairing broken or cracked conductor materials at low cost. You’ll read about it in this blogpost.