How you build a reliable electric fence

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For your animals` safety and health, a well-functioning electrical fence is a prerequisite. All components must be carefully coordinated with each other. If you keep in mind the following points during planning and maintenance, you can be sure to rely on your electric pasture fence.

Well planned is half done

The more purposefully your fence has been planned, the safer it is for your animals. At the same time, you save a lot of time and money by planning well. Of course, the reliability of the fence depends first of all on the demands of the respective animal species. For the choice between the different fence bands, you should therefore consider the size and type of your animals. The right fence height, suitable conductive material and a proper grounding are crucial so that you can rely on your fence. The appropriate power of the fence charger and resistance of the conductive material are also important for the required fence voltage. The longer your fence, the lower the electrical resistance of the conductive material must be.

You can download a detailed introduction and explanation of the necessary components of an electric fence below as an E-book. And in our other blog articles we have tons of information worth knowing about the construction of fences for horsessheep und cattle.


„Who buys cheap, buys twice“

This proverb speaks the truth. As with all construction projects, for an electric fence it pays off to use materials with high quality. This is a worthwhile investment (especially in areas with challenging weather conditions) because in the case of tears and breaks, not only do the spare parts cost money, but you’ll also be investing working hours for the repairs. Quality products „made in Germany“ often last the longest 🙂


Good Maintenance


Even with the best construction, maintenance cannot be avoided. Regular checks for disturbing factors on the fence band is essential, particularly for the necessary electrical voltage,. In case there is a break to be fixed, a Litzclip® is the easiest way to repair your fence. We have developed products that enable you to repair the strands and fence nets quickly, easily and in cost-efficient way, so that you can rely on your electric fence without worries.