Conductive Materials for the Electric Fence: The Polyrope

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Deciding which conductive material is most suitable for your electric fence is not always easy. In another blog post, we’ve given tips for the use and purchase of polytape and polywire. In this blog post we’ll talk about when one should use polyrope, and offer some advice for the right choice from the various types of ropes.

Tips for the Use of Polyrope

Polyropes consist of robust plastic threads, which are intertwined with different conducting materials. You are a bit spoiled for choice between iron, copper, Niro or TriCond wires! Electric fence ropes are also available in different strengths, which can be selected according to their use.

Polyrope can be used easily and flexibly and is recommended especially for mobile fence constructions. However, since it is far less visible than polytape, the rope is not suitable for keeping fast animals like horses on open pastures. Polyropes can be combined well with permanent or mobile coupling fences, though, and are very strong in challenging weather conditions. The rope should just not be stretched too tightly.


Tips for the Purchase of Polyrope 

  • An inexpensive possibility for short fence lines is a standard Polyrope, in which the conductor material is enclosed in robust polypropylene conductive material. 
  • For medium to long fence constructions, the TopLine Plus Polyrope is suitable due to its robust durability, its 4-year warranty on UV stability and its highly conductive TriCOND wires.
  • For long fences, it is especially worthwhile to look for TriCOND conducting wires, as these have an excellent guarding effect due to their low resistance. Polyropes with TriCOND wires are also very corrosion-resistant, rust-proof and less expensive than copper.
  • A premium Polyrope, which guarantees maximum durability and flexibility due to its 10 strands of cross-braided PE monofilaments and a core of PP multifilaments, is most effective in keeping your animals. By bundling the 6 conductors in combination with 3 thick copper conductors, the Premium Ultra Polyrope has an extremely high conductivity. Since the conductor wires are permanently re-electrified and externally applied, optimal contact is ensured when animals touch the rope. Moreover, it is water-repellent and has a 5-year UV stability guarantee.
  • Just like for Polytape, we recommend buying a few Litzclip® fence connectors, which can be used to repair any breaks or cracks easily, quickly and without tools.

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  • It is worth noting to pay attention to the high quality of the component parts (connectors, gate handles). High-quality parts made of stainless steel are always the best choice, especially when using copper conductors. As already mentioned several times before, you save valuable time for the maintenance of your electric fence.
  • For the fencing of horse pastures, it is also advisable to insert several break points into the rope using Litzclip® Safety LinksThis reduces the risk of injury to the horses if they panic and break through the fence.