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Conductive Materials for the Electric Fence: The Polytape

One of the most important decisions when designing a pasture fence is the choice of the suitable conductive material. You can choose between Polyrope, Polywire, and Polytape. In these plastic conductive materials, the conductive wires (e.g., Niro or copper wires) are woven into non-conductive plastic threads. Thus they are flexible to use, very light and […]

Electric Fence Posts and Insulators – an Overview

An electric fence is made of more than just conductive matieral, and it is the sum of all parts that can create a well-functioning fence… or not. Aside from the conductive material you need, of course, fence posts and insulators so that the conductive material can be connected and carried on along the posts. The […]

This is How You get Your Electric Fence through the Summer

As with many other situations in life, the saying that „one man`s joy is another man`s sorrow“ is also true when it comes to the weather. Especially for farmers and livestock owners, the summer can be a rather difficult season. The weather conditions are becoming increasingly challenging also in Germany, where drought or heavy rainfall, […]

Electric Fence Conductivity Material Shootout!

When discussing the performance of electric fences, one of the most important factors to take into account is the conductive material used within the tape, rope or wire itself. Regardless of what type of fencing you are using, the conductive material used has a huge impact on the performance of the fence.