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4 Wonderful apps for the modern livestock farmer

As the saying goes, “There’s an App for that.” Apps are everywhere. With over 2 million apps available for both Android and iPhone, it is hard to find an industry that is not being pushed forward through the use of mobile technology. Livestock owners are not left out in the cold, and more and more […]

Considering an AGM Battery? Advantages Abound!

Advances in battery technology have lead to better products in countless areas of business, including electric fencing. These advances have also lead to an incredible amount of choice in how one can power and charge their fencing systems. Today we’ll look at the AGM battery and discuss the advantages of this device.

How Much Power Does Your Charger Need?

The power of your charger will largely depend on the job required. Fence size, animal type and vegetation growth are all things that should be kept in mind when you are choosing which Power Supply is best for your fence system. Below, we will discuss a few different chargers and in what situation they are […]

The Advantages of Litzclip Fence Connectors

Fence connectors are used where two ends of the conductor material are to be connected with one another. Be it in the construction of an electric fence or because the conductor material is torn and must be repaired. Furthermore, fence connectors can also be used as starting and ending points of the conductor material, e.g. […]

Electric Fence Grounding

An electric fence works because the animals receive an unpleasant but harmless electric shock when touching the conductive material. This only happens because the circuit is completed by the contact of the animal with the fence. In this moment, the current flows from the fence energizer through the conductive material and the animal into the […]

Interview with Litzclip® Inventor in Schafzucht Magazine

Click image to read full article (German).   Repair pasture fencing wires easily and conveniently. Every sheep and goat farmer gets frustrated by torn electrical fencing; as it is incredibly impractical to knot together the ends of the pastures fencing. For this reason, we interviewed Alexander Beichert, who has resolved this issue by inventing the Litzclip®.