Prevent your foals from being hurt by the fence

Pferde auf Weide hinter Stacheldraht

 In order for a foal to develop healthy, it should stay on a pasture at an early stage. Even if foals look quite fragile at first, the owner is well advised to let them roam onto the pasture – despite the dangers. After all, horses have a strong need for movement.

At the same time, one should not overdo it. In the beginning, foals should not be left on the pasture for too long in bad weather. Two risks should also be strictly avoided: fences that are not intact, and fences that only give way when they break (e.g. when a foal bumps into the fence). A fence as depicted above is by no means recommended.

Electric fences with defective conductor material are dangerous in two ways: scribed litz wires, ropes and tapes can easily tear completely: If the conductivity is impaired, the electric fence no longer works at all – which means that animals leave the pasture. Especially in the case of young animals, this is a situation that every animal owner wants to avoid. You can read in our second to last article on how to repair your electric fence in 30 seconds.article on how to repair your electric fence in 30 seconds.

Today, I would like to introduce you to another Litzclip® feature: the safety link.

Safety Link.pngThe safety link is the perfect protection for horses in panic situations. While a horse would entangle itself in the rope of a conventional pasture and be seriously injured when breaking through, the safety link gives way.

This way, you have a predetermined breaking point in the fence band, which can be easily and quickly repaired. By means of replacement safety knobs, the rope can be re-connected very quickly with the high-quality connecting plates made of stainless steel. And most importantly, the conductivity of the fence is not affected by the safety link.

Thus, the electric fence is never damaged for a long time and you can enjoy your healthy animals. In particular, you don`t have to worry about your foals, which can sometimes run wildly into the fence.

Note: The safety link minimizes the risk of injury to your horses, but the breaking load of your electric fence is reduced by it’s use!

Practical advice: Use the safety link as often as possible, because with every predetermined breaking point you reduce the risk of injury to your horses. And at the same time, you have the possibility to open the pasture at the connection points quickly and uncomplicated and to close it again. Because … who doesn’t know this? Usually, wherever you want to enter the pasture, there is no entrance…