Electric Fence Equipment – 6 Products that Make Your Life Easier

Mann vor Weidezaun mit Schafen und Pferden.

In this blogpost, we present several clever products of electric fence equipment, which will make your life as an electric fence owner easier:

Fence Checker and GSM-Alarm

Unfortunately, the naked eye can not tell whether the current flow in the conductor material is guaranteed. This is why it is always advisable to have a fence checker with you at all times. This allows you to measure the voltage at any point in the fence line or cable. The minimum load voltage should not drop below 2,500 volts. If it is lower, some current flows off at the fence, e.g. by vegetation. You can also check out our guide to the troubleshooting in this blogpost.

If you do not want to measure the tension daily by hand, a GSM alarm is a smart thing. This device is connected to the conductor material (and the ground!) and it sends you an SMS, as soon as the voltage drops below a limit set by you. This way you can also monitor your electric fence from afar. The GSM alarm can be powered by the battery of your power supply.


Lightning Protection and Fence Switch

An electric fence is predestined for lightning strikes especially in the summer months. Tp prevent a lightning from destroying your fence equipment, install a lightning protection between the power supply and the conductive material. This is connected to the ground and directs the lightning strike into the dirt via a discharger before it reaches the power supply. In addition, you can also install a fence switch, which allows you to switch your fence system or parts of it on and off. This way you can simply switch off you electric fence in the event of a thunderstorm and prevent a lightning strike.


Litzclip® Fence Connector

Who doesn`t know this problem: The conductive material of your fence becomes fragile or tears … or you want to extend your fence system. With the toolless Litzclip® Fence Connectors you can very easily reconnect the fence tape or rope. Simply thread the two ends of the conductive material, pull over the plastic cap and you are done. Litzclip® Fence Connectors are available for fence tape, rope and wires and even for fence nets. Of course, you can also use the Litzclip® Fence Connectors already during the contruction of your fence to connect the conductive material.


Solar Panel

If you are using a fence energizer powered by a battery, you can extend the life of your battery by upgrading the power supply with a supporting solar panel. The solar panel is connected directly to the 12 V battery. During the sunny time of the year, the solar support is a worthwhile investment in the long run! There are mostly 12 Volt rechargeable battery power supplies supported by a 24 or 45 Watt solar panel. But there are also solar panels for 9V battery devices.